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Review of Three Great Italian Restaurants

Bay Area CA RestaurantOpening their doors in October 1989, Montecatini Ristorante is located in Walnut Creek.  They have received several awards in their twenty-nine years of being in business.

Chef-owner Ermes Paulin was born and raised in Vicenza, Italy.  At the age of seventeen, he was trained in the finest culinary academy in the world.

Montecantini Ristorante has their kitchen in the front of the restaurant.  This allows patrons to view the food preparation and can see they prepare their food with only the freshest ingredients.

Chef Ermes takes great pride in creating some of the most delicious dishes in his restaurant.  They have over a four-star rating with over one hundred and sixty reviews online.

Sotto Mare Oysteria & Seafood is located in a building in San Francisco that was built in 1919.  It has been the home of several Italian restaurants throughout the years.  In 2003 the original blueprints were found, and the building was restored to its original configuration.Bay Area California Restaurant Photo

The Azzolino’s, Rio and Vito and their parents, Rich and Laura, purchased the restaurant.  Laura had been working for the previous owner, Gigi Florucci so she had knowledge of how the restaurant was run in the past.

Both Laura and Rich were born and raised in San Francisco in the Little Italy district.  They have kept the tradition of Sotto Mare Oysteria & Seafood by using authentic Italian recipes.

Rich’s other love is collecting classic muscle cars.  He developed this passion from his father who took him to car shows all over the West Coast.

Bay Area California Restaurant MediaSotto Mare Oysteria & Seafood popularity continues to this day.  Their rating on the internet is a strong four-point-six with over thirteen hundred positive posts.

Founded by the Bertolucci family in South San Francisco, Bertolucci’s Ristorante opened their doors in 1928.  Originally ran as a boardinghouse by Mama Bertolucci, she cooked for steel workers family style meals.

Eventually, Mama Bertolucci turned Bertolucci’s Ristornante over to her son and daughter, Larry and Lola.  They ran the restaurant until 2003.

Peter Sodini bought Bertolucci’s Ristorante in 2005.  Peter grew up in North Beach working in his father’s bakery.  He delivered bread to Bertolucci’s and was impressed with the restaurant.  When Peter grew up, he opened several pizza places throughout San Francisco before buying their own restaurant in 1992 in North Beach.

Their Italian cuisine comes from traditional recipes that came from Tuscan, Italy.  This restaurant is a favorite of many San Franciscan’s who have given them over a four-star rating with their four hundred and sixty reviews on the world wide web.Hood Cleaning Bay Area California